i like to eat, eat, eat, eeples and beneenees….

Good morning, thrifty spenders!


guess what.

no really, go on.


oh fine, I’ll TELL you.


Clearly, I’m proud.
But today is not a day for gloating (but the $19/day spending average sho does speak for itself…).

Today I come to you with the beginnings of what will be an ongoing investigation. I want to find where the most inexpensive healthy food is (NOT Costco, NOT Sam’s Club- We’ve got to keep our wits about ourselves, ladies. Those places will just suck out your souls with their deep discounts and cheap vests).

Now before you go loading up my comment box with “Abby, you live in Park Slope! Go work at the Food Co-op and get the cheap produce there!”, I have newly found information that may open your eyes. For those of you who aren’t native Brooklyn-ites, one must work 1 (one) 2.75 hour shift per month at the Park Slope Food Co-op, as well as go through an interview process, to be accepted in. It’s a very high-end crunchy granola hippie club.

Check out this super-interesting article that shows why for Lani and I, the Co-Op may not be all it’s cracked up to be….


Basically, the produce prices aren’t significantly priced down enough for it to be worth it.

So without using the Co-Op as one of our test stores, we’re going to start exploring our different food options– this Saturday, we’ll hit up Trader Joe’s. try the Manhattan Fruit Exchange at Chelsea Market (apparently the back room has MEGA deals… who knew?!), continue to do our little bits of shopping at the farmer’s market to support our local farms, and keep searching for the new cheap place to get your healthy food on the cheap.

Okay, New Yorkers, where do you find the cheapest healthy food deals in your neighborhood?



  1. Karen AA said

    Chinatown for the cheapest in produce and other stuff (noodles, etc)!

  2. Michelle said

    Loss leaders at the regular grocery stores. Grapes (US grown for lower pesticides) are 99 cents/lb? Whoopee – you eat grapes this week. Some grocery stores mark down produce that is bruised or near the expiration date. They are your friend. I just got 3 lb. bags of sweet potatoes for 25 cents a bag! Lucky day.

  3. Michelle said

    Also look for loss leaders on frozen veggies – $1 a pound is fab – but close to that is good. Peas, corn, beans. Trader Joes has good regular prices on basic frozen veggies and they usually don’t add salt.

  4. I said this on facebook, I’ll say it again.


    Yeah yeah, I know it’s one of those big box stores. But they actually do care some local produce, & they have tons of vegan (and gluten free) stuff. I was shocked to find some of my vegan fake meat faves on the shelves at cheap prices. Before I was on food stamps I spent only like $50 a month there on groceries.

  5. Heather said


  6. I hope that you will check out other sources about the PS Food Coop, including the PSFood Coop website itself. PSFC definitely supports local farmers. Also great prices on bulk items such as rice (about 6 varieties), millet, quinoa, oats, flour, granola, and many other things. Plus there are many ways to do your shifts, and many different kinds of jobs. You can do newsletter paste-up or bag raisins or cashier or manage recyclables or … lots of things, with many different schedules. Not pushing you in any way, it’s just that I see so many false rumors and overblown stories about the place that I’d just like to set the record straight, just a tiny bit.

    Save on!

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